Dangerous Obsession

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Ethan’s passion is ruthless. Alistair’s lust can’t be satisfied. Sophia is trapped between her past and her future.

Ethan’s obsession with Sophia has become uncontrollable. His jealousy as finally pushed Sophia away, but he will stop at nothing to get Sophia back. If that means getting in shady deals with an underground lord, so be it.

Alistair always gets what he wants. Now that Sophia is in a relationship with him, he wants her under his control. Even if it means pushing all her boundaries.

Sophia’s path to romance grows scarier…and more exhilarating and sinful in the moment. Fear makes desire even more enchanting and lust grows in the secrecy of the dark. Yet in her heart, she knows she can’t keep going on, without facing her past.

Beauty, BDSM, and billionaires come together in a sexy contemporary romance romp. Steamy and suspenseful, if you liked E.L. James’ Fifty Shades or the titillating tales of Helen Hardt’s Steel Brothers, you’ll LOVE the TRUST series! USA TODAY Bestselling Author Cristiane Serruya does it again with another love story. ISBN: 9781533197122 AUTOR: Cristiane Serruya

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3x de R$ 16,66
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