Friendly colors

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It’s not from today that colors transmit emotions and develop skills.

Thus, in this book, I bring a proposal of the colors formation and how they are in everyday children’s lives.

The three girls represent the curiosity awakened by the sensitivity of the child’s look towards colors, thus reflecting a pleasant and fun story.

Finally, we can see that colors influence behavior and they open the doors to socialization and learning in the children development.

We can exemplify the effect of colors in our view:

The color Blue – improves creativity and stimulates a restful environment;

The color Red – a color of passion, of strong feelings, in the classroom it should be combined with other colors in order to tame the energetic feelings it can bring;

The color Yellow – a color of happiness, of sunshine, of joy, yellow denotes wisdom or intelligence, and its excess can stimulate hyperactivity and stress.

So, we can conclude that colors have their meanings, that impact cerebral sensations.

I leave here the girls’ recipe, for your knowledge, and so that you can also have the power to make new discoveries about the tertiary colors.

  Isbn: 9786599497865 | nro Paginas: 16 | Editora: Editora Opportunità | Autor: Lucila Pimentel

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